Operation DELTA

News / April 28

THREE people have been jailed for a combined total of 12 years for their roles in supplying an estimated £44,000 worth of cocaine and heroin across west Dorset. Kadeem Abbrey, 24, Sophie Bowen, 19, and Stephan Broome, 59, were all sentenced at Bournemouth Crown Court on Friday 10th March 2017. Abbrey pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply heroin and cocaine to users in Bridport over a four-month period between September 2015 and January 2016. He also admitted to possessing drugs with a street value of up to £1,800 whilst on conditional bail in October last year, and was sentenced to seven years in prison. Nick Tucker, prosecuting, told the court how Abbrey, who lived in Litton Cheney at the time, was heading up the ‘county line’ in the supply of class A drugs. He said: "Mr Abbrey was running a network of heroin and crack cocaine to users in Dorset. He was sending Miss Bowen, at the time his girlfriend, to London to buy drugs to bring back to Dorset on a total of 26 visits. Under the name Jake Johnson he would send out daily marketing messages from his mobile phone advertising to users." The court was told that Broome, of Princess Road in Bridport, met Abbrey through his ex-girlfriend, a customer of Abbrey’s, and quickly became his driver as Abbrey himself was disqualified. Mr Tucker said Broome was 'knowingly' driving Abbrey and Bowen on 'drug-related journeys.' Following lengthy surveillance, Abbrey was arrested by Zephyr in October 2016. The court heard that a drug raid at his bail address in Bittern Court, Deptford, south east London, discovered 122 wraps of high quality cocaine of 88 per cent purity and 61 wraps of heroin amounting to street value of £1,800. Mr Tucker said: "He must have had the expectation of substantial financial gain. Twenty six trips involving drugs with a street value of some £1,700 or £1,800 amounts to something in the order of £44,000 of class A drugs." Both Bowen, from Brighton, and Broome were found guilty by a jury for participating in the conspiracy to supply drugs in Bridport. Bowen, who the judge described as being in a 'violent and coercive' relationship with Abbrey, was sentenced to three years in prison. Broome was sentenced to two years' imprisonment. Sentencing, Judge Jonathan Fuller QC, said: "You have created a supply chain from south London to customers in the West Country. All of you voluntarily joined an agreement to supply class A drugs and participated knowing you would face imprisonment if you were caught." Officer in the case Detective Constable Charlotte Wickenden, of the Southwest Regional Organised Crime Unit Zephyr, said: “This organised crime group has exploited vulnerable members of the Dorset community in order to fund their drug operation. "We hope this result demonstrates that we will actively seek those who choose a life of crime in illegal drug activity and demonstrates our commitment to dismantle, disrupt and destroy organised crime in the South West. “We welcome the sentences passed by the court today and believe that it reflects the seriousness and level of criminality displayed by Kadeem Abbrey and his co-conspirators." Police Inspector Mike Darby, of Dorset Police, said: "In early 2015 Bridport experienced a dramatic increase in drug-related activity, which included acquisitive and violent crime, stemming from the noticeable increase in drug dealing on the streets of Bridport. "Since identifying the problem, police executed over 30 search warrants and worked alongside partners such as the local authority and housing associations in an attempt to tackle the issue.”

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