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Hello, my name is Spencer and I have recently taken on the role of regional CSE analyst for the South West, working alongside Larisa Hunt. I am a new addition to both the police and the world of CSE. It has been a steep learning curve over the past few months to learn not only how the police operate but also what provisions are provided by partner agencies for victims of CSE.


This is my first blog entry and my aim is to keep you regularly updated about what I am doing.


I have spent my first few months in post attending as many CSE events as I can fit in the diary to bring me up to speed with the world of CSE, if nothing else I’ve learned some of the endless acronyms used in meetings. I have seen great inputs from the NWG and the University of Bedfordshire to name a few. In particular I visited the Major Incident Analyst Forum (MIAF) in Heathrow, where Dr Graham Hill gave a very passionate and informative presentation on Child Sexual Abuse, 2 points stood out for me during the talk:


•             The first is that we should view this crime from the point of view of ‘How must the offender view the world so that their behaviour seems rational and acceptable to them’ and not ‘How can someone do that to a child’, he mentioned that only by understanding the offender can we truly combat this crime.


•             Secondly was his reiteration that an offender focused approach will protect more children in the long term. His view was that by listening to a victim we will get the who, where and the when. However by listening to an offender we can get the why and how, which is more beneficial to learn the process by which abuse takes place and therefore better develop strategies to combat and protect more children.


Initially my role has been to visit the five South West forces and learn about how they tackle CSE. What struck me about the visits were the varying approaches each of the different forces take to tackling CSE, some being offender focused while others worked around the victims. However the passion that came across to make a difference to a group of vulnerable young people that came across was irrefutable. My primary role moving forward will be to identify the most significant threats, harms and risks in terms of offenders, victims and locations across the region as well as to highlight cross border concerns worthy of intelligence development work.


A repository of apps that have been linked to cases of CSE has been created by Jasvinder Chohhan of West Midlands police and is regularly updated and stored on our website at the below link:




I have recently built upon the work of the previous analyst, Elicia, and updated the South West therapeutic spreadsheet, which is also on the website. You can also access this using the same link above. This will be updated twice a year to ensure the data is both relevant and accurate.


Should you have any analytical needs or require any advice then please get in touch with me at [email protected]  and I’d be happy to offer support where I can.


Thank you



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